Raccoon Network that got investment from Freedom Fund is trying to build a web3 metaverse

June 27 20:18 2022

New York – Raccoon Network got 1 million dollar investment from Freedom Fund in last week, which has invested in fintechs expecially in web3 such as Raccoon Network and Spxde. “The effects will be public soon as web3 attracted more attention.

Robert Le, fintech analyst at PitchBook, said that a bifurcation in funding was likely, as consumer-facing fintechs struggle while those selling software to other businesses will prove more stable. Among those is USA metaverse start-up Raccoon Network, which doubled its valuation to $10M in its latest funding round in June.

Tech companies are busily building an alternative virtual reality in the metaverse. What might it mean for humanity? The answers probably are different in Raccoon Network.

That’s the reason why Raccoon Network got investment in this tumbling market, the ubiquity and intrusiveness of modern technology poses an unprecedented threat to freedom of thought, argues Gia, a manager works in Freedom Fund. Hyperbolically, she bans her own daughter from having an Alexa digital assistant because “it steals your dreams and sells them”. Data privacy must be reframed as a right to inner freedom.

In this scintillating and occasionally outlandish world, one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs re-examines age-old philosophical debates in light of this emerging technology.

These are the things that bring them together.

The Raccoon network is an open world that is an all-new metaverse where players can build, own and monetize their data. They have the faith that the metaverse must allow the users to create a fair world by getting rewards.

“We have seen so many web3 – or the new internet – is edging into the mainstream,” said Oscar, co-founder of Raccoon Network. The art, fashion, gaming, and finance worlds are already exploring the potential of this new realm. From Starbucks’ plans to launch NFTs for coffee drinkers to gain access to “experiences” to Gucci auctioning an NFT to raise money for Unicef USA.

“But all of those are not clear to us,” he said, They essentially suggest another possible business model users could get rewards from their products. Now, Raccoon Network has stepped in with 3 key features in its platform.

No.1 Privacy metaverse.

As the team of Raccoon Network said, we’re tired of the endless privacy scams and leaks on the internet. All users must hand over all their information, including their phone number, email, and even KYC certification, before using any site or so-called platforms.

But everyone could live in the Raccoon Network within a new digital identity(Raccoon ID). It provides the garden of a metaverse which allows people to work, join social, and live there. This feature could help you enjoy the internet without worrying about being tracked by any company.

No.2 Creating the value of data.

Raccoon Network is also changing approaches to data use. a trading marketplace to allow all users to provide their service based on data protection, has built an online community for developers and Freelancers that incentivizes them to refer the best users for cases using “bounties” as a reward.

They aim to reach 1 billion dollars trading volume after 1 year.

No.3 Redefine the value of Data in Raccoon Network by using web3.0 tools.

This investment also faces a challenge, while companies such as Meta, HTC, and Snap invest heavily in augmented and virtual reality, arguing that increased immersion in digital space will be a key component of the metaverse, these technologies always seem on the cusp of hitting the mainstream but never quite arrive.

Raccoon Network has put forward an important multinational program of web3, they are trying to build a lot of offices around the world to attract more talents in web3 and support various dApps with their library of tools.

Raccoon Network is a platform that allows all programmers to deploy their dApps and contracts on their network, which supports web3.0 technology. Such as games, social dApps, 3D E-commerce, and a lot of other things related to the decentralized concept.

At the same time, Raccoon NFTs are proof of equity in the metaverse, all transaction royalties proceeds belong to all community users. The amount of Raccoon NFTs is fixed.

The product manager of FreedomProtocol said, “We are trusting that Raccoon Network is going to be the company that produces the valuable data with mass-market appeal.”

Raccoon Network is changing your life.

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