NEX Markets opens a new era of cryptocurrency trading

September 02 20:11 2019

NEX is part of the NEX Group

NEX Group: A global markets company empowering participants to efficiently manage risk and capture opportunities in every major asset class

In 2017, NEX Group’s revenue was 543 million pounds, operating income was 145 million pounds, net income was 120 million pounds, and there were 1,941 employees.

In 2018, NEX launched a regulatory reporting platform dominated by Abide Financial.

Users can access regulatory reporting services across assets and jurisdictions through a single connection. The platform aims to provide complete transparency of data and transaction lifecycle processes.

Customers will benefit from processing large amounts of data under multiple regulatory regimes and submitting final reports transparently to regulators through a series of internal regulatory terminals.

Meanwhile, the Chicago mercantile exchange group completed the acquisition with the global interbank transaction broker, financial technology company NEX group. In the situation of rapid development of global digital currency, the NEX is layout concept of globalization. For the sake of strategic needs, NEX decided to set up NEX Markets in commonwealth country New Zealand to do businesses specialized in digital assets that can let more users choose. The investment in employees and culture supports the success of the NEX Markets business. The website  NEX Markets builds long-term relationships with customers and is committed to meeting the highest standards in everything NEX Markets does.

With the efforts, NEX global digital asset trading has 22 satellite offices, Services support to the countries and regions including Luxembourg, the Vatican, Liechtenstein, SAN Marino, Ireland, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, the Czech republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Norway, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Greece, Lithuania, Israel, Poland, Romania, Hungary, the united Arab emirates, Slovenia, Austria, Estonia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Brunei, Cyprus, Malta, Andorra, Uruguay, Monaco, Latvia, Brazil and Argentina, Croatia and Russia.

In addition, NEX Markets is partnering with CFETS, China’s official interbank market trading platform, to provide the underlying technology for fixed income and Foreign exchange electronic execution service in mainland China for a period of three years, providing NEX transactions valued at approximately $65 million. Digital asset transactions are still being negotiated.

About global pricing data and information solutions business of NEX Markets, NEX Data has entered into a distribution partnership with Tradition, one of the world’s largest OTC commodity and financial products dealer brokers. It will become the main distributor for the Tradition market Data and information services segment.

So far, NEX Markets has invested more than £30 million in technology companies in the encryption field, and these companies are focused on leading the transformation of the market structure in the encryption field. In addition to this year’s £18 million investment in ENSO and Abide Financial, NEX Markets also owns shares in eight portfolio companies that face a rapidly growing risk/data analysis area. A recent example is Axoni, which provides a full-stack blockchain solution for the world’s largest financial institutions and capital market service providers.

In February 2019, NEX Markets enhanced the EBS Live Ultra data source to provide digital asset transaction data at 5 millisecond intervals, making it the fastest real-time streaming data source in major marketplaces, significantly increasing price discovery and increasing the market. Transparency, efficiency and mobility.

NEX Markets’ NEX Infinity platform will provide NEX Markets’ advanced customers with a single sign-on unified front end to distribute NEX Markets services, align and streamline the entry, operation, technical support and integration of all NEX optimized services.

What NEX Markets supply?

NEX Markets connects the financial community, including banks, asset management companies, hedge funds and global companies. They came to NEX Markets for efficient and convenient trade execution. NEX Markets is committed to reducing risk, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and streamlining increasingly complex processes for our customers. NEX Markets offers opportunities to optimize regulatory and financial resources.

Search in Google Store and Apple Store NEX Markets can be downloaded directly

The multilateral network and subject matter expertise established by NEX Markets enables NEX Markets to offer its customers a complete set of services to optimize their financial resources, reduce costs, streamline workflows and give them confidence in their data. These solutions are prerequisites for any customer operating in an increasing capital and regulatory intensive environment.

As the market has undergone an unprecedented industry transformation, NEX Markets provides innovators with a platform to provide next-generation crypto-finance technology, giving the world the power of encryption in the market.

Why choose NEX Markets?

  • NEX Markets is well capitalized and leveraged to allow organic growth to lead to good profit margin expansion.
  • NEX Markets maintains a mix of mature and growing assets to achieve good cash flow and growth. 
  • NEX Markets is fully capable of benefiting from changes in market structure.
  • Provide customers with a better way to execute transactions and manage risk.
  • Provide a unique suite of leading financial technology services.
  • NEX Markets’ core investment strategy is to expand NEX Markets’ customer base, increase the use of product suites, and leverage the technical infrastructure and expertise of NEX Markets.
  • The success of NEX Markets as an organization depends on the talents and skills of NEX Markets employees.
  • NEX Markets has a strong trading platform that enhances market liquidity for a wide range of customers and products.
  • NEX Markets offers a flexible platform and solution that integrates seamlessly with customers’ legacy systems.
  • NEX Markets offers its clients a range of services to optimize their risk and capital throughout the trading lifecycle.
  • NEX Markets helps customers reduce costs and automate processes.
  • NEX Markets has a strong technical infrastructure. 
  • NEX Markets provides a market-leading electronic execution platform for the professional trading community.。
  • NEX Markets focuses on innovation and the development of the market ecosystem. 
  • NEX Markets builds the next generation of cloud-based technology solutions. 
  • NEX Markets has created an ecosystem of products and services that span the trading lifecycle.
  • NEX offers customers better ways to execute trades and manage risk. Their products and services underpin the entire trade lifecycle, pre, during and post execution. Their electronic trading platforms are industry standards. Customers use their lifecycle management and information services to optimise portfolios, control risk and reduce costs. Their partner with emerging technology companies to bring greater efficiency.
  • NEX is dedicated to mitigating risk, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and streamlining increasingly complex processes for our clients. They offer the opportunity to optimise both regulatory and financial resources.。  
  • NEX established multilateral networks and subject matter expertise enables them to provide a suite of services to our clients to optimise their financial resources, reduce their costs, simplify their workflows whilst giving them confidence in their own data. These solutions are a prerequisite for any client operating in an increasingly capital and regulatory intensive environment.
  • NEX Markets supplies the electronic execution platforms that the professional trading community wants. Their prominence in electronic trading stems from their aptitude for anticipating new needs.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain originated from satoshi nakamoto’s bitcoin. As the underlying technology of bitcoin, it is essentially a decentralized database.A technical solution to collectively maintain a reliable database through decentralization and trust.Blockchain technology is a kind of technical solution to store, verify, transfer and communicate network data through its own distributed nodes without relying on the third party.

From the formation process of blockchain, blockchain technology has the following characteristics.

First, decentralization

Blockchain technology does not rely on additional third-party management agencies or hardware facilities, and there is no central control. In addition to the independent blockchain itself, each node realizes self-verification, transmission and management of information through distributed accounting and storage. Decentralization is the most prominent and essential feature of blockchain.

Second, openness

The basis of blockchain technology is open source. In addition to the private information of the parties to the transaction being encrypted, the data of blockchain is open to everyone. Anyone can query the blockchain data and develop related applications through the open interface, so the information of the whole system is highly transparent.

Third, independence

Based on consensus specifications and protocols (similar to the hash algorithm adopted by bitcoin and other mathematical algorithms), the whole blockchain system does not rely on other third parties, and all nodes can automatically and securely verify and exchange data within the system without any human intervention.

Fourth, safety

As long as you cannot control 51% of all data nodes, you cannot arbitrarily control and modify network data, which makes blockchain itself relatively safe and avoids subjective and artificial data changes.

Fifth, anonymity

Unless required by laws and regulations, technically speaking, the identity information of each block node does not need to be disclosed or verified, and the information transmission can be carried out anonymously.

The process of establishing a credit system:

Step 1: each transaction must be broadcast to each node (i.e., miners) in order for the entire network to recognize it.

Step 2: each miner node must time stamp and enter the block correctly for each transaction of the ten minutes.

Step 3: each miner node shall compete for the legal accounting rights of the 10-minute block by solving the SHA256 puzzle, and strive for a reward of 25 bitcoins (50 bitcoins every 10 minutes in the first four years, and half of them every four years).

Step 4: if a miner node solves the 10-minute SHA256 problem, ta will publish all the time-stamp transactions recorded in the 10-minute block to the whole network, which will be checked by other miners in the whole network.

Step 5: cut the other miners node to check the block billing is correct (because they cover the timestamp at the same time, but no competition to legal block right to charge to an account, so there is no reward), after they are no errors in the legitimate competition next after the block, thus forming a legal billing block single, namely currency payment system in the general ledger, chain blocks.

In general, each transaction must go through six block confirmations, or six 10-minute bookkeeping, before it is finally recognized as a legitimate transaction on the blockchain.

“bitcoin” is a billing system in which the owner electronically signs with his private key and pays it to the next owner, and then the entire network of miners time-stamps the account to form a blockchain.

Breaking news

NEX supports Facebook to issue tiping currency and participate in node campaign.

Libra is a stable currency, a classification of cryptocurrencies in the digital cryptocurrency industry. In the Libra Blockchain system, a Libra score equals to $1, and the price is stable.Libra – when you have 10 Libra accounts, that means you have $10 in your hand to spend on can buy Libra for nothing.Libra – created only through 1:1 purchase of legal tender – will also be channelled into reserves, according to the Libra white paper. The size of the reserves determines the practical value of Libra, which fluctuates but is small.

NEX got the New Zealand Financial Licence 

Bitcoin, Simplex etc.institutions were engage in strategic cooperation with NEX

NEX Markets is now online Google products and Apple stores and local application markets can be directly searched and downloaded to open the wealth journey

Bitnew’s successful landing in the NEX Markets market has been well received and has received new strategic investments.

Future development prospects of NEX

NEX Exchange areas needed for the trading community to provide professional encryption electronic execution platform NEX Markets prominence is the result of NEX in electronic trading Markets for new demand prediction ability NEX Markets platform and service because of its stability, liquidity and market insight and trusted, is digital assets and fixed income products increasingly diversified in the first place.

We are about to launch, the EX regulatory reporting platform, the EX regulatory reporting platform by Abide Financial support, can reduce cost, eliminate the effectiveness of operational risk and to provide supervision report in addition to local regulatory environment in Europe (EMIR, MiFID/II, SFTR, REMIT), regulatory report also for the NEX Dodd, Frank, ASIC (Australian) and MAS (Singapore), New Zealand and other international regulatory jurisdiction entities to provide professional service report.

In the future, NEX Markets will connect the financial community, including Banks, asset managers, hedge funds and global enterprises, who come to NEX Markets for efficient and convenient trading execution.

Establish multilateral network and subject expertise make the NEX Markets can provide customers with a complete set of services, to optimize its financial resources, reduce cost, simplify working process, and let them have confidence in their own data these solutions is in the increasingly intensive capital and regulation of the environment operations of the prerequisite for any customers.

According to the official news of Bitnew’s public chain, Balaji Capital has completed a strategic investment in two major entity application development companies, StarCraft and GTEX, of Bitnew blockchain technology.  Balaji Capital’s business covers blockchain companies’ crisis management, mergers and acquisitions, fund issuance and intent to invest in encrypted assets, and also provides blockchain transformation services for SMEs.  This strategic investment is an important layout of Balaji Capital in the field of “blockchain + government management + health care”. The goal is to rebuild the harmonious ecological chain of human trust and government credit.

StarCraft is mainly responsible for QQBC’s technology research and development and global trust ecological integrity community; GTEX focuses on application development in the field of government management software systems, and the construction of international software trading platform, through the use of new technologies to improve government efficiency,  Enhance government credit while strengthening the governance of government personnel.  With Balaji Capital’s support for Bitnew funds, Bitnew’s application space will be fully tapped. In the future, Bitnew will be applied in mortgage, Internet of Things, medical and other industries, which will inevitably generate great social value.  Many analysts in the blockchain industry agree that BTN will have at least 10 times upside potential, and the overall valuation will reach around $30 billion in the future.

As the market undergoes an unprecedented industry transformation,NEX Markets is about to provide innovators with a platform to provide a new generation of cryptographic finance technologies, empowering the global cryptographic market.

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