Cloud Chain World Finance LTD Hosts 2023 Finance Forum in London, Focusing on Innovation and Cooperation in Internet Finance

September 05 05:57 2023

Cloud Chain World Finance LTD, a company dedicated to building the world’s leading Internet finance platform, recently held the 2023 Finance Forum at the Royal Albert Hall in London, inviting experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and government officials in the financial field from around the world to discuss the development trends and challenges of Internet finance.

Cloud Chain Financial Forum live

It is understood that 2023 Finance Forum is the first large-scale international conference held by Cloud Chain World Finance LTD in Europe, aiming at demonstrating its innovation and leadership in the field of Internet finance, and at the same time providing a platform for communication and cooperation for people in the financial sector around the world.The theme of 2023 Finance Forum is ” Internet Finance: Innovation and Cooperation”, covering a number of hot topics such as blockchain, digital currencies, smart contracts, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing.

There were four keynote speeches and eight sub-forums, attracting more than 2,000 attendees from more than 50 countries and regions. Among them, the keynote speeches were delivered by Ollie Smith, founder and CEO of Cloud Chain World Finance LTD, Charles Taylor, financial expert, and Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund. From different perspectives and levels, they elaborated on the impact and significance of Internet finance on the global economy and society, as well as how to deal with the opportunities and challenges brought by Internet finance.

The sub-forums covered a number of sub-fields of Internet finance, such as blockchain and digital currency, smart contracts and legal services, artificial intelligence and risk management, big data and credit assessment. Each sub-forum was moderated by a renowned institution or individual from Cloud Chain World Finance LTD or one of its partners, and authoritative experts and practitioners in the relevant fields were invited to conduct in-depth discussions and sharing. The sub-forums not only showcased the latest advances and best practices in the field of Internet finance, but also stimulated the collision of ideas and exchange of experiences among the participants.

The 2023 Finance Forum also set up an exhibition area to showcase the products and services of Cloud Chain World Finance LTD and its partners in the field of Internet finance. The exhibition area attracted the attention and experience of many participants, including Cloud Chain World Finance LTD’s self-developed blockchain technology platform, smart contract editor, artificial intelligence risk control system, big data credit evaluation system and so on. The exhibition area also featured an interactive zone where attendees could participate in Cloud Chain World Finance LTD’s charity projects by scanning the QR code or downloading the APP to donate money or provide services to poor children in Africa.

Cloud Chain World Finance LTD said that 2023 Finance Forum is an important platform for it to demonstrate its Internet finance innovation ability and social responsibility, and also an important opportunity for it to establish and deepen its cooperation relationship with the global financial community. Cloud Chain World Finance LTD hopes that through the 2023 Financial Forum, it can contribute to the development and inclusion of Internet finance, as well as to the promotion of global economic and socia

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