EcoFlow introduces EcoFlow Delta Pro, the first portable home battery in the world for uninterrupted power supply

September 05 05:40 2023

Sep 4, 2023 – EcoFlow, the pioneer of sustainable energy solutions has now announced that they are now offering EcoFlow Delta Pro, the world’s first portable battery for home to help people have reliable power solutions wherever they go. Whether it is an electrical emergency, travelling needs or camping, EcoFlow delivers effective energy solutions on the go. 

Their latest product, EcoFlow Delta Pro portable battery is the first of its kind, as it creates a reliable and extensible backup system for homes to lower their energy bills, and to have smart control over power management. It is the latest development in the field of portable energy technology, as it delivers the buyer’s independence and reliable source of power while on the move. It is equipped with an expandable capacity, making it the best choice in the market. 

Other special features of EcoFlow Delta Pro include the ability to provide power support to any devices within the power range from 3600 W to 7200 W, thanks to the X-Boost technology. It is designed with an exclusive charging port with 6500 W power output to deliver the world’s quickest charging performance. The Delta Pro is created with an extensive capacity of about 25 kWh to withstand extreme outages that last for many days to daily power requirements. To learn more about the EcoFlow product range, click the link at

EcoFlow Delta Pro comes with a portable design, making it your ideal power partner when travelling in an RV vehicle or while camping with friends or family. With an impressive capacity of 3.6 kWh, the battery can be integrated with your power circuits at home with the help of a smart home panel to set up an efficient power backup for apartments and homes. The EcoFlow Delta Pro is an apt choice for powering up all types of heavy-duty appliances, such as air conditioner units, dryers, and more. To know more details about this EcoFlow home battery,  

If an individual requires a lot more power for their spacious villas, then it is easy to connect two EcoFlow Delta Pro batteries using the Smart Home Panel to get a whopping 7200W power supply. The potable power station of this home battery can be charged with one of six methods. Charging the battery is simpler by using an EV charging cable, which has raised the bar to set the gold standard in the power solutions arena. It is developed with X-stream filling technology to support its battery management system to assure durability and safety when charging the EcoFlow Delta Pro through a standard power socket on the wall. It reaches full charge in just 1.9 hours and is compatible with all types of electric car charging stations, making it an ideal travelling partner. 

About EcoFlow: 

EcoFlow has been offering eco-friendly and reliable portable power solutions like solar panels, power packs, and power plants backed by innovations. The company aims at creating the green energy movement to establish a positive approach towards the planet. 

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