AfriKare Life Offering Customized Life Insurance To Help Africans In America Achieve Financial Security

August 01 22:47 2022
AfriKare Life Offering Customized Life Insurance To Help Africans In America Achieve Financial Security
The company is dedicated to helping working-class Africans secure their family’s financial future with easy life insurance payment plans and other financial solutions.

Afrikare Life, a life insurance and financial services company serving the United States African community since 2018, has now expanded its services nationwide. The company started with the vision to uplift African individuals, families, and tribes living in America from financial captivity and help them escape generational poverty. 

Today, they have expanded their services to also serve people of color and help them secure their family’s financial future. The young founder of Afrikare Life, Sam Ayeni, aims to achieve this vision by caring for his clients through practical financial education and offering personalized and affordable financial products, including tailored life insurance plans.

“We are dedicated to ensuring that no one is left behind when it comes to financial security,” said Sam Ayeni, founder and CEO of Afrikare Life. 

With years of experience in the life insurance industry, Mr. Ayeni is uniquely positioned to provide his clients with the best life insurance plans and financial services available. He has a unique ability to understand and connect with his clients, which he has developed through his previous career as an Army combat veteran. 

“My military experience taught me that I needed to be flexible and adaptable when working with different individuals. My goal is to apply that same principle to the business world,” said Mr. Ayeni.  

During his years serving in the military, Ayeni lost a few friends to combat, and since all of them had life insurance plans, their families were financially taken care of afterward. This led him to the idea of doing something for the Africans who come to the U.S in hopes of building a better future but don’t earn enough to save for bad times. 

Through Afrikare Life, Mr. Ayeni aims to equip all his fellow Africans with the knowledge and tools to ensure their families are safe from financial struggles should anything happen to them.

To know more about Afrikare Life or to procure their services, contact them at 877.560.2099 or visit their website.

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