Crypto Empress collaboration with DeltaFlare

April 20 23:03 2022

This article will respond to some of the basic questions such as “What is Crypto Empresses NFT collection with Delta?” and “How did they get here?” What is a Boss Girl, exactly? When did “Crypto Empress first get interested in cryptocurrency?

Let’s start with the NFT collections and the #BossGirls Brand, as well as how the crypto journey of Daisy Garcia was started.

Before anything, let’s have a little bit introduction about Crypto Empress and how the #BossGirls brand came to be. Since her initial introduction to crypto in 2017, when the whole market was all bombarded with bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance, her inquisitive self-discovered DeFi via social media, and it was one blind alley after another! Since then,Garcia learned a lot, and surprisingly 90% of it has nothing to do with cryptocurrency. but, for her it proved to be a blessing in disguise, she learned a lot about organization, branding, marketing, networking, and sales as a result of this experience!

Who’d have guessed that investment might lead to such a lucrative opportunity? But, as the fact remains, navigating a male-dominated space that now demands less and less In-Real-Life connection has not been simple for Daisy Garcia. Rather than concentrating on hurdles to gender equality and waving a flag about women’s rights, she wanted to use the power of block chain and community to promote and empower women to use this new technology in supply chain investment, philanthropy, and advancement. This became her WHY, kind of stony reason as well as inspiration to start that all, and #BossGirls was born as a result! #BossGirls was created in collaboration with women all around the world and is on a mission to help women understand their worth, value, and strength. And it’s all because of supporters that #BossGirls now has a framework and platform, a voice, and tremendous support from the DeltaFlare team.

Support from the DeltaFlare team:

The DeltaFlare team has accomplished extraordinary things, made incredible partnerships, and inspired many individuals to pursue their dreams. They have unquestionably done the same for Crypto Empress. Keep in mind that aiming to be industry leaders at the forefront of this growing technology is no easy task, but the DeltaFlare team is up for the challenge. They were so ambitious that they viewed the #BossGirls message as valuable and wanted to assist the brand to expand its reach in the crypto world and the GameFi Metaverse. The #BossGirls Brand and DeltaFlare partnered to develop the Pink Ladies, an elite unit of Deltanauts inspired by genuine motivation, brilliance, beauty, strength, and solidarity.

Significance and goal of the project:

Everyone should realize how important this project is for Crypto Empress since it focuses on the necessity of constructing and fighting for equality. Again, addressing the Metaverse as an inventive leader is a massive task, and Crypto Empress is grateful to the DeltaFlare team for seeing the significance of taking on this challenge so early in our collective investigation of the Metaverse.

Before getting all sappy and emotional, here is the news that on March 22nd, Crypto Empress introduced the “Pink Ladies,” and all 818 NFTs were sold out in just 18 minutes. Delta Flare and Crypto Empress became overjoyed; they never anticipated the performance to sell out so quickly. Because of such massive success they were able to give $35,000 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance in less than 30 minutes. Please note that 50% of all revenues and royalties will be donated to cancer research until June 2022. As a result, Crypto Empress may still raise funds and create awareness about this silent killer illness.

While many parts of the globe still practice injustice in various ways, the bravery, and dedication of the Deltanaut #BossGirls Collection (Pink Ladies) will be unwavering until the goal is completed and justice flows from the real-verse to the metaverse.

BossGirls :

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