Bloc Energy LLC – Round 1 Coin Sale Filled Extending Round 1 Sale @ $.10 Cents

August 14 20:11 2019

Houston, TX, USA – Bloc Energy International – The first-round sales of their BEIX Coins (Tokens) was a success with very good response for their currency at the opening round prince of $.10 cents. In appreciation to their community and their great response to BlocEnergy is going extend the round and add in another 5 Million BEIX Tokens at the same price and bonus for another 30 days. This will allow the smaller individual investors to continue to get in for a short time at these very low prices before they begin to raise the value of their currency to the eventual base price of $1 dollar through the proceeding sales rounds.

BlocEnergy is engaged with several large energy companies in regard to coming on board in the development of the platform, marketplace and funding facilities. As mentioned in another press release. Bloc is already in partnership with Saker Trading and a larger group for the August fuel trade transaction and the beta testing of information during that trade and each month moving forward. They will continue to build on these initial trades and the development of their smart contracts.

“The energy groups understand where the future is and see where Bloc is going and want to be part of this for all of the advantages it will provide to their businesses and bottom lines. But they also see the tremendous advantage of also being a part of the development of the model, and the return from investing at these lower prices.”

Bloc’s funding model is contingent in that individuals or groups must hold at least a 10% deposit of the BEIX coins with them to access the credit facilities. The groups will get a return on the coins held as well as the reductions in fees and costs Bloc’s credit facilities afford them in their daily transactions.

“Everyone is seeing that they can begin buying during these lower price sales rounds. So, they are going to take advantage of this before they are closed and they have to buy on the open market at much higher prices.” Along with the advantages stated above for these groups they also can see the advantage of the increase in the BEIX value as the sales round are filled and completed.

There are a couple of these groups that may buy up two or even three sales rounds in a single investment due to the level of deposits they are be required to carry for their credit needs.

This is why BlocEnergy has decided to extend the $.10 cents round for a little longer and allow the smaller individual organic market to be involved with this opportunity.

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